Launch of the Da Vinci School

Since 2015 we've been teaching workshops and courses around the world. Finally, we launch our online school – a place where you can learn all about the geometric nature of the universe.​
Da Vinci School - Colin and Heike


Hi, I’m Heike. Colin and I are the creators of the Da Vinci school. Let me introduce to you who we are and what we want to achieve here.

Our story

I studied biotechnology with a PhD in biology in Germany, but I’ve also always been a very creative person. Art exhibitions, dance performances, theatre, and music has just been as important to me as science. In 2014, out of an epiphany, I quit everything and started to travel the world. I enrolled in a yoga teacher training and became a kitesurf instructor for a little while until I decided to work together with Colin Power.

Colin Power (UK) is a trained audio engineer, life-long musician and numbers lover. Sometimes, we like to refer to him as Prof. Power because he is just such a genius brain who mostly knows an answer to everything. He studied geometry, its link to music and engineering, way before me. So, when I met him in 2014 in Goa, I learned a lot about the meaning of mandalas, while we could exchange knowledge about science and art. Out of this, we developed a series of workshops and courses that we started to run seasonally in Goa and soon brought it over to other countries in Asia and Europe as well.

Our Mission

After years travelling around the world and trying out many learning methods, we understood that it is an art on its own to make complex concepts accessible and fun. Current education needs an upgrade to thrive upon the curiosity of the student where learning is a journey, that is experienced by the whole body. We believe that we have created just the right balance between mind-bending knowledge, practical learning and time for contemplation. It is our goal to spark inspiration and start to see the world as a harmonious construct, with ourselves in intimate relation to it.

The Da Vinci School

The Da Vinci school is in fact our 3rd approach to bring our live classes into an online format. Finally, we feel that this time, we have found the right kind of framework. We will be publishing all our content that we have developed over the last 8 years as E-learning courses. Even though it is online, we will engage students fully, by drawing geometry, moving the body and meditations. The school itself is a community-driven platform where students are able to connect and follow each other’s art work.

Our plans

To bring something online takes time. Bit by bit, you will see that more and more courses will be published on this platform. And while you will always be able to learn from anywhere you want and in your own time, we will continue to be available offline also. So check out our events and live session. Our goal is to expand also our teacher team, so we can bring more offline workshops around the world.