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Over the years we have offered a wide range of workshops, courses, and retreats. Below you can see some of the past events we have organised.


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Past Events

The Platonic Solids: Fire, Water & Earth – Dr. Heike Bielek

Let's explore the foundation of space, the 5 Platonic Solids, particularly the Octahedron, Tetrahedron and…

Universe in a Nutshell – Dr. Heike Bielek

The Universe in a Nutshell Live Class with Dr. Heike Bielek Is the Universe so…

4D Yoga Retreat Portugal

Join us for the 6-day 4D Yoga Sacred Geometry retreat in Portugal, where we explore…

The Vector Equilibrium: Akash Kandeel – Dr. Heike Bielek

Uncover the meaning of the Akash Kandeel, a geometric lamp seen all over India.

Heaven and Earth: Dimensions of Existence – Dr. Heike Bielek

Let's pursue one of the most searched quests of humanity. Is there a heaven?

Solar Geometry: The Seal of Jupiter & the Atom in Goa – Dr. Heike Bielek

In this workshop, we will explore the Seal of Jupiter and how it relates to…

Dimensions of Space – Dr. Heike Bielek

Dimensions of Space Live Class with Dr. Heike Bielek There are many theories out there…

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