Who we are?

We are Pioneers of Education!

Based on the theories and concepts of In2Infinity founded by Colin Power in 2015, the Da Vinci School provides a holistic education program that is an inter-disciplinary and a multi-sensory experience.

Based on the Art of Learning, our team of teachers are trained to deliver a creative and fun framework to make the Sciences assessable and to rationalise spiritual concepts.

In2Infinity - Da Vinci School - Heike Bielek and Colin Power - Geometry
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We provide certified teaches that offer live-tuition speaking your language and a community platform to connect with students around the world.

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Our Curriculum is based on the Quadrivium of the 7 Liberal Arts of Ancient Greece, i.e. we teach scientific and spiritual concepts.

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We focus Live-Tuition through Accelerated Learning methods with our core tools of drawing compass and ruler.

Our Vision

It's time for an upgrade

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What if we could make learning more fun and teach the bigger picture by enhancing our creativity and curiosity? Going back to the concept of the Ancient Greeks, we see the world through geometry and focus on a practical learning experience for adults and children.