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Ac learning

AC (Accelerated) Learning is based on the way we naturally use our brain. By involving the whole body, with tools such as artmusic, and meditation, it increases our capacity of learning.

All our courses are designed in this way to increase your potential of retaining information and to make any complex subject accessible and fun for children, students, professionals and all curious minds.

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Unlocking your brain

Learn and comprehend faster than any conventional teaching method.


It's more about playing

Experience knowledge through Interactive learning with art, music and games.


Increase your memory

Unlock your greatest potential to learn some of the most complex subjects.
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Your genuis

It’s never too late to unlock your potential.

Retain more information at a much faster rate! It is not a genetic trait, it can simply be attained through a different way of learning. We all have a near-infinite capacity to learn, if we move beyond our limiting beliefs and tap into our hidden potential.

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The creation process of geometric shapes in 2D and 3D enables us to cognize simplify complex concepts.

Mental image

Through the process of drawing, we create a mental image and strengthen our imagination.


We engage our whole body, the five sense experience, to accelerate the learning process in a fun way.

memory hooks

Methodologies such as repetition, review and recall, and colour coding helps to take in information in patterns.


Through meditation and contemplation, the mind relaxes and sharpens the focus to let information sink in.

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When the curiosity is triggered, learning becomes easy and fun!

It is less about delivering content and more about encouraging discovery, reflection, and learning with personal meaning. Even though we are online, our methods make it as engaging as possible with our accelerated learning methods. Our teachers will make sure that every adult remembers not to learn, but play, and every child to keep playing to learn…

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