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The Davinci School

The Da Vinci School is an online education platform based on the Art of Learning. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to many different fields of interest from science to spirituality through our core practise: geometry. Our team of teachers provide creative and fun lessons to open your mind to the wonders of the Universe – for children to change-makers.

Our Courses

Based on our new theory of the geometric universe, our online courses give you the practical tools to explore a variety of fascinating subjects.

FEATURED: Atomic Geometry

Build an atom from simple card and gain a deep and memorable understanding of the atomic structure.

Live Lessons

Book an online workshops with one of our teachers. Sessions are conducted over Zoom, or Discord.

Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Get into the Art of Sacred Geometry with this introductory workshop and explore the historical…

The Universe in a Nutshell

Is the Universe so big or can we wrap it inside a nutshell? In this…

Dimensions of Space

Explore geometric space from 0D to 5D and become aware of how you experience different…

The Beginning of Creation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Description One of the biggest questions throughout human history has always been: Where do…

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Book a ‘Booster’ learning Session

Struggling with your learning?

Accelerate your understanding of mathematics and science with one of our booster sessions. Get personal tuition with one of our teachers.

Planning, Thinking and Consultation

Develop your Potential

Our 4D thinking and Geometric mapping session help participants define and achieve their goals. From individual personal development to company operation, our ‘Harmonic Mapping’ can help you achieve strategic outcomes and through a balanced approach to life.