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The Da Vinci school integrates the 7 Liberal Arts of the first school of higher education invented by Ancient Greece:

  • Quadrivium – the study of number: geometry, music, astronomy and arithmetic
  • Trivium – the study of the word: grammar, rhetoric and logic

Primarily focussed on the Quadrivium, the subjects in our curriculum are intended to stimulate both, the logical and creative side of the brain to unlock your full potential.

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Da Vinci School - Curriculum - quadrivium - geometry


Numbers in space

Geometry, our main learning tool, is experienced through our sense of sight. It describes distance, shape, size, and relative position of figures.

Da Vinci School - Curriculum - quadrivium - music


Numbers in time

Music is experienced by our sense of hearing. It is described by the same mathematical principles that are found in geometry.

Da Vinci School - Curriculum - quadrivium - astronomy


Numbers in space-time

Planets are rotating around their orbits in space-time. The laws of planetary bodies give us an understanding about the large scales of our universe.

Da Vinci School - Curriculum - quadrivium - arithmetic


Pure numbers

Numbers are at the foundation of everything. The underlying mathematical code of reality leads us to deep philosophical questions.

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Merging the 7 Liberal Arts in their original form with the subjects and research of today, the Da Vinci school presents a unique approach to education that is easily accessible.

Everything is based on geometric thinking. We draw 2D geometric design and 3D models as accelerated learning tools to grasp the world in a creative and fun way.

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The properties of space, from 2D to 5D, transformation of form, fractal geometry, inverse geometry, the Platonic- and Archimedean Solids, the Torus and Hypercube.


Unravelling the mystery of numbers such as Pi, the Golden- and Silver Ratio, Root numbers, Fibonacci, Padovan and Plastic numbers, infinity and zero, learn to see the pattern of a universal code.


From Quantum Physics to Astrophysics, discover the atomic structure, the nature of light, gravity and some of the most fundamental scientific laws and constants that describe our Universe.


Comprehend the mechanisms of molecular bonds based on the nature of geometry and sound. Visualize the structure of molecules and their behaviour in chemical reactions.


From molecular biology to ecology, this field encompasses the bodily functions such as DNA, proteins, fats, ATP and immunity to the biogeochemical processes that power life on earth.


Today’s scientific views are based on the discoveries that have been made throughout the ages. Analyse theories as they were developed in the context of time and get a fresh perspective.


Religious texts, philosophical thinking and spiritual practise come together to enhance our perception of who we are. It is how we may apply knowledge for the best of life.


Improve the way you think with a variety of geometric mind maps for decision-making, is it in personal life or business. These process architecture systems create harmony in any scenario.

Art & Music

Get inspired and immerse yourself in the creation of art with drawing compass and ruler. Draw Mandalas and geometric designs while learning about colour theory, music and resonance.


Learn about the principles of ancient builders and how to make constructions with meaning, that are aesthetic, sustaineable, efficent, feel good and are in harmony with nature.

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We plan to develop about 150 courses to provide monthly training for students and continue to grow our international team of teachers that deliver educational content across countries. 

Want to join the team? Check our next Teacher Training Course (TTC).

For collaborations with educational establishments, please contact us.

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