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4 weeks

2x 3hrs a week training plus 2x 2hrs a week self-study



Drawing compass, ruler, pencils, paper, colours



Certificate of completion to hang on your wall



includes access to platform, teaching materials, techniques 

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Become a teacher

Our 4-weeks intensive teacher training course will give you the tools and confidence to bring the art of Sacred Geometry into your classes or workshops. Whether you are a teacher, run a home education session, teach online, or are looking to run a new kind of workshop, Sacred Geometry is a fun and useful way to engage people in the art of learning.

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Who + why?

  • Educators: Learn how to integrate art in your classes for interdisciplinary learning – your students will love it!
  • Yoga teachers: bring an additional flair to your Yoga lessons with spiritual knowledge backed up by science and incorporate mind-expanding meditations
  • Coaches: Learn a whole new set of methods to enhance consciousness with creative methods and mind mapping technologies
  • Parents: become the best teacher your child could ask for with creative, engaging and fascinating knowledge
Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry


  • Complex universal phenomena from science to spiritual concepts just with drawing compass and ruler – a fundamental understanding of the totality of the universe
  • How to draw the Sacred Geometry blueprint by heart
  • How to transmit this knowledge to a student, small group or class
  • How to use the Da Vinci School to run your own classes and get paid for it
  • How to engage students with fun accelerated learning methods
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This multisensory learning experience includes drawing, meditation and knowledge guided by the teacher trainer. Here are some of the symbols, you will learn how to create.

Da Vinci School - Introduction to Sacred Geometry - Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis

The plan is set

Da Vinci School - Introduction to Sacred Geometry - Trinity


The nature of three

Da Vinci School - Introduction to Sacred Geometry - Trion Re

Trion Re

The first petal shape

Da Vinci School - hello geometry - Seed of Life

Seed of Life

One completed cycle

Da Vinci School - hello geometry - flower of life

Flower of Life

Central symbol of Sacred Geometry

Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry - Sacred Geometry Couse - Tools

the Tools

To be able to experience our creative learning methods, make sure you have following tools at hand before you start this course (Accelerated Learning).

Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry - Drawing compass


Drawing compass either flexible or fixed


It can be a simple ruler or straight-edge

Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry - Pencil


At least 2 pencils, erasor and sharpener

Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry - Paper


Simple A4 will do, better even A3

Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry - Coloured pens


Coloured pens, paint or similar

Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry - Sacred Geometry Course - Benefits


  • Direct guidance from a personal tutor (1:1), who will help you to master this training
  • Presenting your workshop to a small group, with personal feedback
  • Lifetime access to our teaching resources, which includes crib sheets, lesson plans and a workshop handbook
  • Access to online drawing and teaching tools
  • You will be able to deliver a host of workshops
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How it works

To enrol on the teacher training program, you can pay using PayPal, credit card (Stripe), or by using your Learning Credits. Once you have purchased the program, your personal tutor will contact you via your registered email, and profile to organize your learning schedule.

Price: €1,500

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  1. The course is very deep and meaningful. It feels like exploring previously unchartered territories. Would love to explore more of this course about sacred geometry

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