Teacher Training Course

Begin your teaching career with this enrolment course.

Teacher Training: 24h

Bring something different to your class or workshops

Our intensive teacher training course will give you the tools and confidence to bring the art of Sacred Geometry into your classes or workshops. Whether you are a teacher, run a home education session, teach online, or are looking to run a new kind of workshop, Sacred Geometry is a fun and useful way to engage people in the art of learning.

Over the years we have run quite a few teacher training programs. Our online course brings the depth of this experience to anyone with a good internet connection.

Through the construction of simple geometric forms, you will be empowered to grasp complex universal phenomena, and present it to a group or class.

1 to 1 Tuition

Our 1-2-1 learning program mean that you will be able to learn at your own pace, and stop to ask question as you progress. You will get the chance to practice presenting your workshop, and getting personal feedback form our trained and experienced tutors

Workshop Plans

Once you complete the course you will get lifetime access to our teaching resources, which includes crib sheets, lesion plans and a workshop handbook. We also introduce online drawing and teaching tools that can help you get more out of teaching. The course contents is more than enough for you to create a host of workshop ideas.

Intensive Learning

At teacher training consists of 24 hours intensive training. Through this time you will be taken on a journey through the foundation of geometry, physics, chemistry, exploring the totality of the universe. At each stage you will practice when you know and will be tested by your personal tutor, who will guide you towards building understanding a confidence in presenting classes and workshops.

  • Duration

    The Course proceeds over 24 hrs, which may be broken down into 8 session, each 3 hours long. Please arrive within 30min before and keep a time buffer of 15min after.

  • Tools

    Make sure you have a drawing compass, ruler, pencils, paper and colours ready. You will also get access to out teacher Toolkit that you might wish to print off.

  • Booking

    Once your have purchased the teacher training program, you will be put in contact with you personal tutor who can arrange a schedule for the program.

Order the program

To enrol on the teacher training program, you can pay using PayPal, Credit Card (Stripe), or by using your Learning Credits. Once you have purchased the program your personal tutor will contact you via your registered email, and profile to organise your learning schedule.

Cost: €1,500 for 24 hours tuition

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Course Includes

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  1. The course is very deep and meaningful. It feels like exploring previously unchartered territories. Would love to explore more of this course about sacred geometry