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On the first trip to Mexico, we got to know the intricacies of the Mayan culture and the fantastic structures they left behind. Their advancements in technology were unbelievable!


The ancient Maya civilization, spanning from 2000 BC to 1400 AD, is a testament to the remarkable achievements of human ingenuity and intelligence. With a population of over 8 million people across 335,000 square kilometres, the Maya inhabited what is now Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. In this blog post, we explore some intriguing aspects of their culture, including their architectural marvels, astronomical knowledge, and unique rituals.


Geometry and Sacred Symbols:

The Maya’s fascination with geometry is evident in their architectural masterpieces, particularly the iconic pyramids. Symbolizing the power of knowledge, the triangle is a recurring motif in Maya culture. The triangular pyramid structures, often adorned with intricate carvings, represent their deep understanding of geometry and connection to the spiritual realm. Perhaps most intriguing is the depiction of the rain god’s face on the pyramid entrance, with its left ear as a circle and its right ear as a square. The Temple of Kulkukan represents the Maya’s symbolism of squaring the circle, showcasing their profound comprehension of complex concepts.


Astronomy and Mathematics:

The Maya’s understanding of astronomy and mathematics is truly remarkable. The Pyramid of Orion in Tehuacán, Mexico, aligns with the three celestial bodies of the Orion’s Belt. Similarly, the buildings in Tikal, Guatemala resembles a constellation when viewed from above. These alignments demonstrate the Maya’s advanced knowledge of astronomy, allowing them to make accurate predictions and calculations for agricultural purposes. Their ability to communicate long distances without modern technology, by simply talking and hearing each other, is a testament to their understanding of sound and geometry.


Measurement and Communication:

The Maya’s precision in measurement is awe-inspiring. Though the exact methods remain a mystery, it is believed that they utilized sophisticated tools, such as the stick, for their calculations. This precision aided them in planning, calculating, and constructing their monumental structures, ensuring stability and longevity. Furthermore, their remarkable communication abilities include techniques to shape sound. By utilizing specific geometrical designs, the Maya were able to create intricate sound effects like a ricochet, bridging long distances through artistic expression.


Unique Rituals and Games:

The Maya’s rituals and games were an integral part of their culture. During sacred ceremonies, individuals would gather to celebrate and participate in various activities. These gatherings often culminated in games that held tremendous significance to the Maya people. One infamous practice involved the sacrificing of volunteers, where priests would cut beneath the ribs, pull out the heart, and engage in games. The winner would ascend to the heights of high society, while the unfortunate loser would have their head ceremoniously chopped off.



The ancient Maya civilization’s accomplishments continue to fascinate and captivate us to this day. Their mastery of geometry, profound astronomical knowledge, and complex rituals showcase their deep understanding of the world around them. As we marvel at their architectural marvels and cultural practices, we are reminded of the immense intelligence and creativity that ancient civilizations possessed. The rich heritage and extraordinary achievements of the Maya serve as a testament to the enduring power of human intellect and the capacity for innovation throughout history.

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