Mandala drawing

Learn how to draw a beautiful Mandala using different colouring techniques to get the most out of your artistic abilities.

Teacher Training

Enhance your career with our teacher training course. Get 24 hours of 1-to-1 tuition, with full teachers manual included.

The Trinity

Draw the Trinity, explore its geometric nature and why the three-fold principle is such a common theme throughout religions.

The Vesica Piscis

Create the Vesica Piscis with drawing compass and build a link between Christianity, Hindu Symbolism and the phenomena found in nature.

The Monad

Start drawing with the Monad, a simple circle, and uncover the vast meaning behind this fundamental geometric form in terms of cultures, the universe,…

Compass Techniques

Get into compass construction with a drawing compass and ruler, the most important tools to explore geometry. If you haven’t worked with one for a w…

The Trion Re

Draw the Trion Re and how it encodes the Cross, the key symbol in Christianity. Discover its meaning beyond religion and how it relates to the nature …

7 rules of Sacred Geometry

Explore the 7 rules, which lies at the foundation of the Sacred Geometry blueprint, as it expands from a dot. Once you have embodied this simple seque…

The Toolset

Find out what materials you need for the practice of geometry, as these will accompany you along the journey. Full of useful hints, and tips, this cou…

The Seed of Life

This course is a step-by-step guide to create one of the key symbols in the study of Sacred Geometry, the Seed of Life. Discover its appearance throug…