Periodic Triangles

Discover the elements with our triangular model of the Periodic Table, called Periodic Triangles.



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Periodic Triangles

The periodic table lies at the foundation of chemistry. By listing each element in rows, we can understand the qualities and properties of all known atoms. However, this traditional illustration of the elements in the form of a table has its drawbacks, as it fails to express many important concepts, such as the ‘up’ and ‘down’ electron spin, the electron configuration, and orbital types (S, P, D and F). 

We have developed a geometric model of the periodic table, called Periodic Triangles, which provides a clear explanation of each atom, detailing both orbital types, spin, and exposing the various anomalies that appear in the electron configuration. This triangular model of the periodic table will guide you through the first 88 atoms, in a simple-to-understand way, perfect to elevate your knowledge of chemistry and atomic physics.

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Who + why?

  • Physics students: know the structure of the electron orbitals within the Periodic Table by heart and gain a deeper understanding of reality
  • Chemistry students: comprehend the structure of the elements, their qualities, and why they from molecular bonds
  • Science enthusiasts: accelerate your understanding of chemistry and physics
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  • How the Periodic Table is structured through triangles
  • How the electron orbitals S, P, D and F appear in order of 88 elements
  • How about the Pauli Exclusion Principle, the Aufbau principle and other anomalous electron configurations
  • How the electron ‘up’ and ‘down’ spins fit in the picture
  • Why certain elements are particular good conductors of electricity and magnetism
  • About the nature of noble gases and how simple bonds occur
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This course comes with templates of Periodic Triangles that you can colour to remember the orbital types and the construction of each atom.

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the Tools

To be able to experience our creative learning methods, make sure you have following tools at hand before you start this course (Accelerated Learning).

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or access to one to print out the templates

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At least 2 pencils, erasor and sharpener

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Coloured pens, paint or similar

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  • Simplify the Periodic Table of all 88 elements
  • Comprehend complex concepts such as the Pauli exclusions principle, Aufbau principle and various anomalies in a visual way
  • A mental model for the electron configuration and electron orbitals to accelerated your understadning of the atom

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