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Harmonic Mapping

When we come up with a great idea, it can be a hard slog doing all the right things that will make it work. It takes planing, research, and commitment to get off on the right foot. By using geometric thinking techniques, we can explore new avenues and bring attention to areas of strengths and weaknesses, is it in personal life or business.

Get a personalized one-to-one live session and create a geometric mind map of your idea, project or life situation. Then form a simple plan to move towards reaching your goal and create a mental image to hang on your wall. Build determination by meditating over your goals with your own personal mandala that embodies both beauty and mission.

Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry

Who + why?

  • Coaches: learn how to structure ideas, great for your personal coaching business
  • Entrepreneurs: gain a fresh perspective about your business and values
  • Visionaries: clarify your visions in a structured map
  • Personal Life: Gain a new perception of your current life situation and how to transform it
Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry

1st coonsultation will cover...

  • How to structure your thoughts with geometric mind maps
  • How to create an overview of your idea, project or business
  • How to frame a vision and strategy to reach it
  • How to boost your determination with simple meditation techniques
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  • Gain clarity
  • Find solutions
  • Build determination
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