Launch of the Da Vinci School

How can you apply Sacred Geometry to improve your quality of life? At the digital nomad conference DNX in Germany, I was invited to speak about Sacred Geometry.
Da Vinci School - DNX Berlin - Geometric Thinking Workshop


Thousands of participants at the largest digital nomad conference in Germany, the DNX. I was one of the speakers this year to bring geometry into the world of travellers, nomads, and entrepreneurs. Can you find me in this picture?

Geometric Thinking Workshop

As a nomad myself, I’ve been in the DNX community for a while and always loved to learn from everyone’s experience to build up a digital business while on the road. I was invited to speak about my knowledge of geometry and how it can elevate the lifestyle through a shift in perception of the world. The workshop was filled with practical exercises of how to use geometry to structure thoughts, meditations, and partner work.

For the mind and soul

This session had been very beautiful. All participants could connect to themselves and each other, while understanding a few things from a different point of view. The underlying scientific and metaphysical concepts were igniting some sparks in their eyes, and I was happy to contribute to this open-minded crowd of people who were eager to change their lives and the way they think.