Toriflex by Intorus


The Toriflux by Intorus is a unique toy that accurately materializes the torus shape and movement. It consists of two toroids, one left-handed and one right-handed, that can combine into a single structure. Available in two sizes, it is both fun and educational for adults and kids.

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The Toriflux by Intorus is a remarkable toy that brings to life the captivating shape and movement of the torus. Consisting of two toroids, one left-handed and one right-handed, this unique toy offers endless possibilities for both fun and education, captivating audiences of all ages. In this blog post, we will delve into the intriguing features of the Toriflux and discover the profound sensations and relaxation it can provide.

Unleashing the Toroidal Magic

By providing an opportunity to interact directly with a toroid, the Toriflux allows us to tangibly experience the universal concepts embedded within this intriguing shape. Each toroid possesses a special property—the ability to roll around an object inserted into its centre. When the Toriflux is placed on our arms, the sensation it creates is akin to a gentle caress, while the resulting movement resembles a graceful spiral. These combined sensations generate an unrivalled sense of well-being and tranquillity.

A Journey of Exploration

One of the remarkable features of the Toriflux is its accessibility. There is no need for elaborate training or instructions to enjoy the captivating play it offers. Simply allow your curiosity to guide you, and you will find yourself immersed in its mesmerizing movements. However, for those who wish to delve deeper into its endless possibilities, the Toriflux offers a body-mind technique with far-reaching effects on physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels.

Unravelling the Potential

To help you unlock the full potential of the Toriflux, the product is accompanied by a 40-minute video tutorial. In this comprehensive tutorial, you will discover the foundations of the technique and gain insights into the various benefits and properties associated with its practice. Whether you are seeking relaxation, improved focus, or a renewed sense of energy, the Toriflux holds the promise of an enriching journey.

A Complete Package

When you acquire the Toriflux, you receive more than just a toy. The package includes two toroids, distinguished by their left-handed and right-handed configurations, providing a diverse range of play possibilities. Additionally, a rope is included to explore various tricks and movements, adding another dimension of engagement to your Toriflux experience. To ensure easy transportation, a convenient organic cotton bag is also provided.

Package Contents


– Two toroids, left-handed and right-handed.
– A rope with which to do tricks and movements.
– An organic cotton bag to transport it
– A 40-minute video tutorial.



The Toriflux by Intorus offers a thrilling avenue to explore the wonders of the torus shape and movement. Bridges between the tangible and the intangible, this unique toy captivates the senses with its graceful spirals and gentle caresses. Whether for leisurely enjoyment or a deeper exploration of its body-mind technique, the Toriflux promises to captivate the imagination of both adults and children. Unlock the mysteries of the torus and embark on a journey of fascination with the Toriflux—a remarkable invention that showcases the unity of playfulness, education, and tranquillity.

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