Join a live-tuition with a teacher 1:1, in a group or join a webinar. The advantage over a live-class to an E-learning course is the direct contact with others to help you advance in your studies. Live-tuition last 1–2 hours a class, including various drawings, memory hooks, knowledge in form of presentations, interactive learning and exchange, relaxation and a certificate of completion. These are conducted normally via Zoom, Google Meet, Discord or Jitsi, just follow the instructions of the class.

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Learn online with a teacher, get direct support, ask questions and share your knowledge.

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1:1 tuition

Tailored to you

Get the most out of your session and work directly with a teacher that will tailor the content to suit your needs.

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Small groups

Efficient Learning

We offer session for small groups (2-3 persons) to work together. Ideal children of 7+ to get the best attention rate.

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Join a class

Classes are larger groups, up to 12. These can stretch over a certain period of time, so you’ll be learning with the same classmates.

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Tune in

We run webinars from time to time. You can listen to the newest content and chat.

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Looking for something specific?

Contact us today and find out how we can help accelerate your understanding of complex subjects. From mathematics, physics, chemistry to metaphysical knowledge, our teachers can help you explore almost any subject in a fun and interesting way.

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