Mindshift Retreat 2019

Ready to shift your mind? A beautiful journey of Yoga, Sacred Geometry, delicious food and rejuvenating surroundings.

20-28th July 2019 - Liguria, Italy

Da Vinci School - Retreat - Mindshift Yoga Retreat Italy


Our intimate Mindshift Yoga Retreat in Italy this year was a blast. Super curious students, a great teacher team with Kathrin Jerjomenko and Dr. Heike Bielek, and the perfect location in the beautiful mountains of Liguria. Big thanks to Gate To The Wild for being such a lovely spot & host.

Nature, Sacred Geometry and Yoga

The Yoga shala was fixed a few days before with a huge Mandala before we went on a journey of 4 days in the middle of the breathtaking mountains of Liguria. Paolo and his family at Gate To The Wild were offering a cosy home, a beautiful Italian organic farm. Together we embarked on a journey of intense body work, soul-food for the mind with Sacred Geometry and delicious homemade vegan food for the belly.

Creative learning

This retreat focussed on the power of thought, the Law of Attraction, a new art of learning, living and innovating in Flow Consciousness. The tools and techniques were based on sacred geometry, metaphysics, and meta-psychology. Through daily yoga sessions merged with innovative science was breaking the deepest internal barriers. Participants were able to transform their perception of life, career, and relationships by playfully painting their thoughts down into mandalas. In the beautiful silence of the Italian nature, they could open to the universal knowledge and themselves in a very intimate group. In the end, everyone came out with new decisions for their lives that are in alignment with the patterns of nature.


  • Spiritual Science: spiritual symbols and the metaphysical perspective of life
  • Mandala Meditation: creative visualisation with Mandalas
  • Yoga: practise and philosophy of Hatha and Ashtanga
  • Breathwork: Wimhof technique to reach a new state of awareness
  • Chakra Flow: resolving energy blockages between chakras
  • Mind mapping: structure thoughts and vision creation
  • Ecstatic Dance: state of trance to still the mind and connect to higher self
  • Paolo will show us how to develop a sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystem.


  • Dr. Heike Bielek – Scientist, Metaphysician, Yoga Teacher, Manifestation Coach
  • Kathrin Jerjomenko – Business Psychologist (M.A.), Body / Breath Yoga Therapist & Coach