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Whether you are interested in expanding you knowledge, or need help understanding complex studies, our live teaching sessions offer a wide range of subjects that can help you advance in your studies.

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  • Suitable for ages 7+
  • Accelerated Learning Techniques
  • Individual, small group and class lessons available.

One-to-one tuition

Private tuition will hepl you get the most out of your session. Our qualified teacher offer a host of accellerated learning models that can be uniquly tailored to suit your needs.

Small Groups

We offer session for small groups (2-5 persons) to work together. Ideal for home learning, and small groups, these session are suitable for ages 7+ and cover a wide range of curricular actives.


Looking to bring our innovating learning into your classroom. We have a variety of lesson plans that include fun activities and worksheets. These class lesson can help groups of students full-fill their highest potential,

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Harmonic Business Consultation

Live Session: 2h Description When we come up with a great idea for a new business, it can be a hard slog doing all the…

The Beginning of Creation

How did the Universe begin? Whilst there are numerous theories it is interesting to note that all have a foundation in the nature of geometry.

The Universe in a Nutshell

Is the Universe so big or can we wrap it inside a nutshell? In this course, we dive into the shape of the Universe from the Atom to the Galaxy…

Looking for something Specific?

Need help in a particular area of your studies? Contact us today and find out how we can help accelerate your understanding of complex subjects. From Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry to Metaphysical Knowledge, our online tutors can help you explore almost any subject in a fun and interesting way.


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