It’s been a great festival season

With the summer of 2023 coming to and end, its time to reflect on the wonderful experienced shared over the last few months. For us it has been an exciting opportunity to connect with a diverse range of people across Europe and the UK, who share our passion for Geometric Knowledge from both a scientific and spiritual perspective.

Here are some picture taken from our events in the UK.

We are now preparing to leave for the winter to explore Mexico, but look forwards to returning next summer for some more Sacred Geometric workshops, dances, and meditations. Our last events in the UK will be in Glastonbury and Brighton at the start of October, so if you can pop down and meet us. Hope to see you there.

Also if you would like to carry on learning in you own time, we offer a wide range of FREE courses that are more than enough to explore the foundation of Sacred Geometry. Simply enrol in the academy and join the community of like minded metaphysically inspired individual.

Finally, if you are a festival organiser and would like to book a Sacred Geometry workshop or meditation, feel free to get in touch. We make a large number of applications to festivals each year, but there are also many that just don’t appear on our radar.

Thanks everyone for a great summer, and we hope to catch up with you someday soon.

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