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The Vector Equilibrium: Akash Kandeel – Dr. Heike Bielek

The Vector Equilibrium: Akash Kandeel

Sacred Geometry Workshop in Morjim, Goa – India with Dr. Heike Bielek

One of the most prominent festivals in India is Diwali, the festival of lights where markets, houses and streets are flooded with all kinds of decorative lamps. Have you ever thought that there are some deep mathematical concepts in them?
Known as Akash Kandeel, which means lantern of the sky, we find lamps that display very particular geometric forms, such as the Cuboctahedron or Vector Equilibrium made from triangular and square faces.
What is so special about this shape?
We will draw and explore the intricate relationships of this very unique 3D Archimedean solid and its relevance to the atom, space and consciousness.
What you will learn:
  • The Egg of Life
  • The Cuboctahedron
  • Akash Kandeel
  • Anamika Villa is located on the Sur La Mer Road in Morjim just before Vedic Valley. Landmark: huge construction building on the left, Villa just opposite on the right!
The The Vector Equilibrium: 12 € ticket sales has ended!


Jan 24 2022


Indian Standard Time (GMT+5:30)
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Dr. Heike Bielek


Dr. Heike Bielek
[email protected]
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