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The Beginning of Creation in Goa – Dr. Heike Bielek

The Beginning of Creation

Sacred Geometry Workshop in Morjim, Goa – India with Dr. Heike Bielek

Where do we come from? There are many myths about the beginning of the Universe which stem from different religions, philosophical viewpoints to the Big Bang theory. Is there a unified geometric perspective?

Explore how geometric shapes embody religious symbols that relate to the most fundamental phenomena in Science such as the nature of Sound, Light, Space and Time.

The Seed of Life is known as the Blueprint of Creation. Discover the secrets hidden within this beautiful mandala and uncover a deeper understanding of the great mystery of life.

What you will learn:
  • The geometry of the beginning of creation
  • How space, sound and light unite with mythology
  • Geometric principles and the phenomena in nature
  • Anamika Villa is located on the Sur La Mer Road in Morjim just before Vedic Valley. Landmark: huge construction building on the left, Villa just opposite on the right!
The The Beginning of Creation (1 student): 12 € ticket sales has ended!


Nov 06 2021


Indian Standard Time (GMT+5:30)
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Dr. Heike Bielek


Dr. Heike Bielek
[email protected]
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