The Beginning of Creation

How did the universe begin? Whilst there are numerous theories, it is interesting to note that all have a foundation in the nature of geometry.



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The beginning of creation

One of the biggest questions throughout human history has always been:

Where do we come from?

The answer to this is different depending on the field of belief, whether it is from a philosophical, spiritual or religious point of view or through the logic of mathematics and science – or is it?

In this course, we will explore how all these different ideas about the beginning of the universe can be united through the language of geometry. It is one of the most fundamental symbols of Sacred Geometry, the Seed of Life, that starts to reveal how it all falls into place in the most beautiful way, and directs us to a deeper understanding of the great mystery of life.

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Who + why?

  • Creatives: see how all ideas unite in art
  • Scientist: learn how the Big Bang Theory is expressed through geometric form
  • Spiritualists: discover religious scripture from the perspective of geometry
Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry


  • The geometry of the beginning of creation from mythology to science
  • How space, sound and light come into existence
  • How the most fundamental principles of reality are encoded within it
  • A few fun memory hooks of geometric space
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This multisensory learning experience includes drawing, meditation and knowledge guided by the teacher. Here are some of the symbols, you will learn how to create.

Da Vinci School - Introduction to Sacred Geometry - Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis


Da Vinci School - Introduction to Sacred Geometry - Trinity


Holy Trinity

Da Vinci School - Introduction to Sacred Geometry - Trion Re

Trion Re


Da Vinci School - Introduction to Sacred Geometry - Seed of Life

Seed of Life

7 days

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the Tools

To be able to experience our creative learning methods, make sure you have following tools at hand before you start this course (Accelerated Learning).

Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry - Drawing compass


Drawing compass either flexible or fixed


It can be a simple ruler or straight-edge

Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry - Pencil


At least 2 pencils, erasor and sharpener

Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry - Paper


Simple A4 will do, better even A3

Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry - Coloured pens


Coloured pens, paint or similar

Da Vinci School - Hello Geometry - Sacred Geometry Course - Benefits


  • Direct guidance from a teacher and tailored content delivery
  • Gain a deep sense of understanding how spirituality and science unite
  • Experience the creation of space through drawing and meditation
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