Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Get into the Art of Sacred Geometry with this introductory workshop and explore the historical origins, drawing rules and terminology of the most famous symbols.


The trend of Sacred Geometry tattoos and designs is going around, yet geometry and symbolism are as old as any Ancient civilisation that we know of. With this introductory class, you will explore the meaning of Sacred Geometry, its drawing principles and prominent symbols to lay a solid foundation. Gain an over-aching picture of what is hidden within these beautiful patterns, where they come from and where they may leads us.

What you will learn:

  • History of Geometry
  • Sacred Geometry principles
  • Symbols and evolving pattern

What you will do:

  • Drawing exercises for beginners
  • Fun memory hooks
  • Exchange insightful knowledge

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In2Infinity established in 2015 by Colin Power and Dr. Heike Bielek.

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