Harmonic Business Consultation

Live Session: 2h


When we come up with a great idea for a new business, it can be a hard slog doing all the right things that will make it work. It takes planing, research, and commitment to get off on the right foot. By using Harmonic Business techniques, we can lay the firm foundations for any fresh startup. for those who have been in business for some time, harmonic thinking can help you explore new avenues and bring attention to areas of strengths and weaknesses in your operation.

Get a personalise one-to-one live session and create a simple overview of your business or idea. Then form a simple plan and move towards reaching your goal. Avoid distraction by keeping your personalise harmonic map to hand. Build mental determination by meditating over your business goals which your own personal mandala that embodies both beauty and mission.

Live session can be conducted over Zoom, Google meet, Discord, or Jitsi.

What will your 1st consultation cover:

  • You will receive an overview of your startup or business
  • You will draw an action map that will guide you towards a specific target
  • You will develop short simple meditative techniques that will help you maintain focus.


  • Duration

    Each Session is 2hrs, please arrive 10 minutes before and keep a time buffer of 15min after.

  • Tools

    Make sure you have a drawing compass, ruler, pencils, paper and colours ready.

  • Booking

    Once your have purchased a session, you can choose a specific date & time to connect with your consultant.

Book a Session

To book a Harmonic Business session, simply place your order . using PayPal, Credit Card (Stripe), or with Learning Credits. Once purchased you will be able to book a time and date for your session.

Cost: €50 per 2 hr session

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