Atomic Geometry

Atomic Geometry is the world's first geometric model of the quantum world that you can hold in your hand. The best way to grasp the atom is to build it!


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Course description

Explore the world’s first 3D geometric model of the atom!

The smallest units of matter are atoms, which make up molecules, proteins, cells, our body and the universe at large. Yet, the quantum world is still a mystery, as the nature of the atom with its nucleus and surrounding electron cloud defies our current understanding of real-world objects. What are the mechanisms that explain the quantization of this cloud into distinct orbital shells? What type of geometric space do electrons occupy? And how can they just ‘jump’ shells?

This course will take you on a creative exploration of the electron cloud through 3D Platonic- and Archimedean Solids. Just like Russian dolls, you will nest these forms inside each other to create different types of atomic model to explain the elements of the Periodic Table, the geometric functions that govern them and how they relate to multidimensional space.

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