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The 7 Days of Creation is one of the most famous stories, central to the 3 Abrahamic Religions. It details the formation of the Universe through 7 distinct stages. In the short course we will explore each day, and examine its significance from the perspective of 4th Dimension.

From this view the universe acts like a holographic structure. This is separated into various scales of existence. From atoms, cell, and biological life, up to the heavens, each scale falls into a particular day of the creation story. The course relates the sentiments of genesis to the structure of the electron cloud, from which all matter is derived. It also explores recent scientific discoveries such as the Cosmic Background Radiation, and Quantum Foam, and simulation theory.

This fresh perspective offers new meaning to the traditional biblical interpretations, by offering a deeper logical understanding of the intriguing ideas presented in the story of Genesis. The result is a new theory that gets as close to a scientific explanation of God, and even exposes where you might find him in the Universe.

What you will learn:

  • The deeper meaning behind the story of Genesis
  • How each day progresses to complete the universe that we are experiencing.
  • A deeper logical explanation of the creation story from the perspective of geometry and the Holofractagraphic Universe
  • How the story of Genesis related to Vedic (Hindu) teachings

What you will do:

  • Create a map of the atomic shells and relate them to the creation story
  • Map the 7 days by drawing the Seed of Life
  • Explore fractal geometry with simple drawing techniques
  • Fun Games using counters that help us remember the sequence of events.
  • Duration

    The Lesson will take up to 2hrs to complete

  • Tools

    Make sure you have a drawing compass, ruler, pencils, paper and colours ready. You might want to print out some of the final exercises too.

  • Certificate

    Once your have completed the lesson claim your certificate.

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