The Seal of Mercury

Draw the Seal of Mercury mandala and learn how it encodes the first planets of our solar system in a beautiful musical dance.

The Torus

Explore the nature of the Torus, draw the mandala and learn how it appears throughout the world and around your body.

Atomic Geometry

Atomic Geometry is the world's first geometric model of the quantum world that you can hold in your hand. The best way to grasp the atom is to build i…

Hello Geometry!

Delve into the mystery of geometry found throughout various disciplines and cultures and see how everything connects to one blueprint.

Periodic Triangle

Discover the elements with our triangular model of the Periodic Table, called Periodic Triangle. This will help you gain clarity over the electron con…

Teacher Training

Enhance your career with our teacher training course. Get 24 hours of 1-to-1 tuition, with full teachers manual included.

The Egg of Life

Draw the Egg of Life, which naturally arises out of 13 overlapping circles in the Sacred Geometry blueprint. Explore how it relates to embryonic devel…

7 Days of Creation

The 7 days of creation is one of the most famous biblical stories of all time. Interpretations of the story vary from literal translations to attempte…

The Monad

Explore the most fundamental form in geometry and learn what it embodies in terms of nature, science and philosophy.


In this course, we will explore the significance of Pi in the circle and how it relates to time and space around the surface of the Earth.