The Seal of Mercury

Draw the Seal of Mercury mandala and learn how it encodes the first planets of our solar system in a beautiful musical dance.

Types of Infinity

What is infinity? We will explore this questions through a few simple geometric processes held within a dot, line, and circle and what these mean in t…

The Torus

Explore the nature of the Torus, draw the mandala and learn how it appears throughout the world and around your body.

The Egg of Life

Draw the Egg of Life, which naturally arises out of 13 overlapping circles in the Sacred Geometry blueprint. Explore how it relates to embryonic devel…

Sierpinski Triangle

Draw and explore the fractal nature of the Sierpinski Triangle and learn how chaos can create order. Where does it appear in nature, and what does it …

The Golden Ratio

Explore the Golden Ratio and how it naturally comes out of the triangle, square, and pentagon. Where do we find it, and why does nature create this ma…


In this course, we will explore the significance of Pi in the circle and how it relates to time and space around the surface of the Earth.

The 2nd dimension

Explore the 2nd dimension from the perspective of space-filling polygons and why these hold such importance to understand how space builds up.

Pentagon Fractal

Explore Fractal Geometry through the pentagon and pentagram relationship and its unique property for the code of life.

The Eye of God

The eye of god is the name of a planetary nebula that looks like an eye. Draw the geometry that underlies this phenomenon and explore what is hidden w…