How it works

Online courses & live teaching

The Da Vinci School is based on live classes integrated with online courses. In this way, you will be able to interact directly with our trained teachers and learn in small classes together with other students around the globe. Every teacher has its own classroom for you to join, all course materials are accessible to review and build your knowledge.

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Learn with one of our Teachers together with other students.


Discuss the class content in the teacher’s online classroom.



Earn your course certificates and build your knowledge.


Connect to other students and build your community.



Your tools

Get ready to learn

Our online courses are fun and interactive, to get the most out of the learning experience you will need to equip yourself with:

  • Pencil
  • Paper/Card
  • Ruler
  • Drawing Compass

Some courses will require extra equipment, such as a printer, or scissors. check the list on each course page before booking.


Your set-up

In2Infinity - Da Vinci School - How it works icon learning online

Virtual Sessions

In order to participate in a live tuition session you can to connect with the teacher using Zoom, or Discord. Make sure you have registered for an account before you begin booking a teacher.


Booking a session

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Virtual Sessions

Book a ticket for a live course of interest. The teacher will invite you to the classroom, where you can join the live-teaching session. After the class, complete the course by going over the final review in your own own time and space to earn the certificate. Stay connected in the teacher’s classroom for further learning and exchange.


Earn Certificates

In2Infinity - Da Vinci School - Certificate of Completion - Introduction to Sacred Geometry - TTC

Certificates and Training

For every course or live session that you complete, you will earn a certificate of learning. Download these and build an off-line portfolio to remember your achievements.

Our teacher training courses allow you to gain access to our teacher training programs. For each one completed you will be able to offer that session to other learners.

Find out more about becoming a certified In2infinity Teacher and build a network of students to teach.